The Original Fold-Your-Own Book Sculptures

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be other ArtFolds® designs in the future?

ArtFolds books will continue to evolve as customers express interest. And we are eager to hear from you! Please submit your ideas for shapes and/or words to be sculpted into future ArtFolds® by writing to us at Check back soon for an ArtFolds® contest. Maybe your design will be chosen!

Q. How can I order a custom designed folded book?

A. We love folded books and think they make great gifts. But maybe we don't offer the design you are looking for. Our paper engineer, Luciana Frigerio, creates lovely works of art. Please visit her website for options. For a custom ArtFolds® book of 10,000 units or more, please contact our "Custom Editions" team here.

Q. Help! My ArtFolds™ is missing a chapter.

A. How disappointing! Mistakes happen, and we hope you will forgive us. Please contact us at, so that we can make reparations. We have recently been made aware of a missing chapter in the first print run of ArtFolds®: Joy "Anne of Green Gables". You can find missing chapter XV here. Please be assured that your ArtFolds® book will still fold properly into the word "Joy" for a beautiful display piece.

For all other inquiries, please email